OH Cards Quick-Start Guide

Quick-Start Guide

We’ve created a free four-page PDF called the OH Cards Quick-Start Guide, to introduce the cards, offer a few activities, and more. You’re welcome to print it, email it, use it with friends you play OH with or clients you use OH to work with. …Read More

Moritz Egetmeyer Interview on Gestalt TV

Moritz Egetmeyer, OH Cards publisher and workshop leader, was interviewed at the Riga Gestalt Institute in Latvia, while there to give an OH Cards workshop. …Read More

OH: The “Inner Adventure” with Metaphoric Cards of Association

In Christine Gatineau’s article, she introduced associative OH Cards and their process of bypassing the mind to allow advancement into the depths of the psyche. …Read More

The Game of Inner Vision

An article by Janine Moore giving an introduction to the OH Cards, with a focus on their history and their use in various settings, including casual social settings. …Read More

Take a Game to Your Subconscious

An article by María Campos presenting the expert opinion of Andrés Alvarez about using OH Cards as a gateway to the subconscious that allows us to understand our feelings in a positive way. The original Spanish article is available, along with an English translation. …Read More

Alexander Pushkov on Morning Cocktail TV

Psychologist Alexander Pushkov appeared on a TV show in Ukraine to introduce and talk about OH Cards and how he uses them in his practice. …Read More

Associative Cards: Awaken Your Unconscious Mind

More than just a game, these associative cards can be used to accomplish a task while stimulating personal and professional development. …Read More

A Cross-Cultural Intervention

A review of OH Cards as an important therapeutic element in counseling, presented at the International Counseling and Social Work Symposium. …Read More

A Unique Deck of Metaphoric Associative Cards

An overview of OH Cards to aid specialists who work with groups. Topics include OH history, principles of use, application, and examples. …Read More