Using OH Cards with Adolescents in an Inpatient Setting

Philippa Thomas uses OH Cards in an inpatient hospitalization setting to help suicidal adolescents recognize their emotions, and the images bring life and visability to feelings that they have trouble verbalizing. …Read More

Hypnotist Mike Mandel and OH Cards


NLP trainer and hypnotist Mike Mandel uses OH Cards in multiple ways, including with hypnosis students – to craft metaphors, activate the right brain and the unconscious mind, and stimulate creativity. …Read More

OH Cards for Dramatherapy


Dramatherapist and clinical supervisor Lili Levy uses OH Cards for dramatherapy and considers them an important tool in her work. …Read More

Multiple Decks Suggest a New Path

Eric Brunet, a psychotherapist in France, uses OH Cards to help a client with problems in the workplace gain a new perspective. …Read More

Therapy with OH Cards in Malaysia

Pei Li Yeo

Therapist Pei Li Yeo uses OH Cards as a non-threatening approach for helping clients bring up deep information that they would not be sharing otherwise. …Read More

Accessing Intuitive Wisdom with OH Cards

Sophia Bonnie Wodin

Sophia Bonnie Wodin is a psychotherapist, teacher, and spiritual mentor in private practice, and also facilitate writer’s circles. She uses OH Cards in her practice and as writing prompts. …Read More

OH for Dream Interpretation and More

OH Cards license plate

Psychologist Connie L. Simons uses OH cards in dream interpretation, but also when working with waking dreams, to gain further access to feelings, to help to reveal symbolism, and to clarify daily or current events for a client. …Read More

Storytelling with OH Cards

Rosemarie Somaiah

Rosemarie Somaiah of the Asian Storytelling Network shares experiences of using OH Cards in her work as a professional storyteller, author, and educator.

“I was first introduced to OH Cards by Kiran Shah and Sheila Wee, who used them in storytelling workshops. Kiran promoted the use of OH cards here in Singapore, where I met Moritz Egetmeyer, the OH Cards publisher, when he facilitated the workshops. However, it was only when I began to …” …Read More

Art Therapy with Adolescents and Young Adults

Bodhi Simpson uses OH Cards in conjunction with art in her art therapy practice to help her clients heal and express themselves in creative ways. …Read More

OH and the Expressive Arts

OH Cards storytelling with a painting

Expressive Arts Consultant Fay Wilkinson uses OH Cards with students in an expressive arts program, as a storyteller, and to explore depression with seniors. …Read More