Deepening Friendships with OH Cards

Virginia Rechtschaffen

Northampton, Massachusetts, USA


My profession and OH Cards don’t necessarily inform what I do, but the cards inform who I am.

My friends and I like to get together to play, create things, and Circle Dance. I was introduced to OH Cards by a close friend. Whenever my friends and I play OH there’s a feeling of ceremony about it. We set aside a lot of time, gather in a quiet place where we won’t be interrupted, and we play. If we’re invited to, we take our time responding to each other’s cards. Our friendships have grown as a result of playing with OH Cards together.

Once when I was playing OH with a small group of close friends, my word card was very revealing and right on the mark. I was extremely uncomfortable, but my friends know me pretty well and so I could take the step of revealing more about myself and have them know me better, which I did.

Playing with OH Cards is always a deep experience, deepening our friendships.