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Every once in a while, we offer a different card from one of the OH decks and invite you to share your response to the card. In this way, you can try out the OH Cards Deck and connect with each other, using the cards as a spark, as they’re intended. You can share your thoughts in a comment below.

  • When I see this card …
  • these associations come to mind …
  • which bring up for me …
  • and I feel …

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  1. Tati says:

    Cuando veo esta carta imagino la amistan en una pareja después de tantos años juntos, la complicidad a la que han llegado y la vida como les sonríen, están felices alimentando pájaros, en un día bello de primavera.

    Rough translation, assisted by Google Translate:
    When I see this card I imagine friendship in a couple after so many years together, complicity to which they have come and life as they smile, they are happy feeding birds in a beautiful spring day.

  2. Tracy says:

    Inside a nice windy park,a good old couples enjoy their day simple and yet sweet together

  3. Tatyana says:

    Жизнь прошла, она смотрит на часы и все еще ждет “того самого”, так не дождавшись, в то время как все это время рядом с ней был и есть человек, который ждал и ждет ее всю жизнь,а она его не замечает. Эта карта про иллюзии и куда они приводят.

    The life is going to the end, she is looking at the watches and still waiting for her “only one”, without any result. In the meantime all this time another man has been and is still next to her and waiting for her all his life, and she does not even notice him. This card is about illusions and where they can bring.

  4. Magda says:

    Cuando veo esta carta pienso en dos viejitos que se cuentan la vida, sentados en la plaza de un parque. Ella está preocupada porque el tiempo pasa y aún siente que tiene muchas cosas que hacer en su vida. Tiene muchas cosas para dar y siente que no le va a dar el tiempo de hacerlas. Quisiera ayudar a sus hijas y nietos a tomarse la vida con más disfrute y consciencia y le gustaría que dejaran de correr por cosas innecesarias. Pero no sabe como hacer para que la escuchen. El es un amigo que se ha hecho en el Parque hace algunos años. Si bien se encuentran sólo un rato en la mañana todos los días, se han transformado en confidentes y compañeros de camino y ese tiempo que pasan juntos es vital para ellos. Han decidido leer juntos un libro que les deleita sus almas pero ella tiene que ir a cuidar a uno de sus nietos aunque quisiera quedarse, pues ambos se alegran la vida que de por sí no ha sido fácil.
    Lo que me hace sentir es el valor de la amistad y la confianza a cualquier edad y el deseo de que este tipo de vínculos sagrados siempre estén presentes en mi vida.

    [Rough translation provided by Google Translate:]
    When I see this card I think of two old people who are life, sitting in the plaza by a park. She is concerned because time passes and still feels she has much to do in her life. She has many things to give and feels that will give them time. She would like to help her daughters and grandchildren to take life with more enjoyment and awareness and would like to stop running for unnecessary things, but does not know how to listen. He is a friend who has been in the park some years ago. While they are there only one time in the morning every day, they have become confidants and fellow travelers and their time together is vital for them. They have decided to read a book together that will delight the soul, but she has to go and care for one of his grandchildren if he wants to stay, since both are glad that life itself has not been easy.
    What I feel is the value of friendship and confidence at any age and desire that these sacred bonds are always present in my life.

  5. Татьяна says:

    Когда я вижу эту карту, приходит понимание, что это люди уже не вместе, т. е. сейчас их ничто не объединяет. Возможно, что состоялся разговор между ними – выяснение отношений. Мужчина лёгок, не весел, но и ничем не отягощен – свободен, он всё сказал. К женщине равнодушен (цвет серый), но не желает ей зла. Женщина растеряна, не знает что ей делать, обижена. Чувства к мужчине живы (страсти поутихли, секс отошёл на задний план, но “в голове” она испытывает к нему чувства). Удастся ли обоим остаться в плюсах – большой вопрос.

    [Rough translation provided by Google Translate:]
    When I see this card, comes the understanding that these people are no longer together, that is, they are nothing in common. It is possible that a conversation between them – the showdown. The man is easy, is not happy, but in no way burdened – free, he said. To the woman is indifferent (gray), but does not want her to evil. The woman is confused, does not know what to do, hurt. Feelings for a man alive (the dust settled, sex receded into the background, but “in my head,” she feels for him feelings). Will both stay in the pros – the big question.

  6. Monica says:

    When I see this card I feel that the man sits beside his wife. It seems as they are both together but still, there is a lack of communication between them. He is trying to reach her, but she is in her own world and does not see him. He is eating something making an effort for the hours to pass by. As he is painted in grey, I feel he does not really connect to himself or to life and it is a bit difficult for him to still try doing it. As to the card, it is on the other hand very colourful, so I think he has all the tools to change his grey life into joy, happiness and laughter. He needs to believe more in himself and he will find what he is looking for…

  7. Val says:

    When I see this card I think the woman looks very sad as if she has just heard some bad news. The man looks as if he is trying to comfort her but does not really know how he can do this.

  8. Hanne Slot Thing says:

    When I see this card, it speaks to me about life long relationships.
    A feeling of safety and companionship. Also it tells me that one seems happy and cheerful while the other looks less happy.
    Asks me to pay attention to the balance or missing balance in relationships. Who chooses to carry the load, and who chooses to be happy?
    Do we make the choise consiously, or do we think that things ‘just happen’ in our lives?
    Another item is lending a hand to help our fellow beings lift up, when spirit is low, and to let other beings into our lives, even when it seems hard. Often the gifts are equally bigger in doing so.

  9. Yvette says:

    When I see this card I see a lifetime of loving which brings up for me my civil partnership in three months time and I feel happy and scared at the level of commitment we are making.

  10. Pascal says:

    Le vieil homme demande à la dame pourquoi les pigeons ne sont pas venus aujourd’hui, lui qui avait apporté des graines.
    Je me sens désappointé et partage sa tristesse, comment rebondir ?
    Back to the house : Changes depends on my desires, I have to recognize and express them, so changes will take place.

    The old man ask the old lady why pidgeon didn’t came today, for that case he has brought some seeds !
    Il feel disappointed et share her sadness, how to fin another way ?

    Retour à la maison : Les changemens dépendent de mes désirs, j’ai à les reconnnaître et à les exprimer, ainsi les chagements se produiront.


  11. Katrin says:

    When I see this card, I am glad for these seniors. They were able to live a long life together. A woman sits lost in thought, and the man excitedly tells about something. The woman thinks that appears to do, she was tired. A man happy, very talkative. They are very different, but still they are together.
    I feel that this story is not about me. I am sad.

  12. Marina says:

    The place of action is the park in sunny day. I see two old people, who sitting on a bench. The woman doesn’t want to communicate, go on contact to hold a dialog. She is gloomy. The woman is waiting someone or something, cause she is looking on the watch. The mood of the man is other then her. He is smiling and turn toward to woman. The man doesn’t hurry up anywhere and wants to get acquainted with her or a few to chat about the weather at least. In this moment the dialog is unpromising.

    I see two reactions on someone situation, what can be others for everyone. The woman is worry and the man is calm.

    I like to see the card. I feel some emotions in this situation between those people.

  13. Елена says:

    Диалог двух людей. Женщина, что сидит справа, сосредоточенна на себе. Её руки замкнуты на себе. Мужчина, что сидит слева – весел, разговорчив, могу предположить, что он больше сосредоточен на окружающем мире. Он повернут в сторону собеседника, в его руках газета, через которую он может получать информацию о окружающем мире. Его поза отстраненно-вовлеченная. Он заинтересован в собеседнике, но оставляет за ним право выбора.
    Скамейка мной воспринимается, как часть их диалога. Как крепкая опора, которая, с одной стороны, дает им стабильность, а с другой стороны – удерживает их общение.
    Что это воспитывает во мне? С одной стороны, бабушка выглядит, как отталкивающая. Я бы побоялась подойти с ней поговорить, но с другой стороны – если подойти, поинтересоваться ею, её можно разговорить и возможно, услышать от неё много старинных сказок. Но, эти сказки и убаюкать могут.
    Я чувствую интерес к их диалогу

    [EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is the OH Cards Institute’s English translation of the Russian comment above.]

    It is a dialogue between two people. The woman sitting on the right side is concentrated on herself. Her hands are closed to herself. The man sitting on the left is cheerful, talkative – I can only assume that he is more focused on the world. He is turned toward his companion. He has a newspaper in his hands, through which he can obtain information about the surrounding world. His posture is detached-involved. He is interested in his companion, but he leaves himself a right to choose.

    The bench is accepted by me as part of their dialogue. It is like a strong support which, on the one hand, gives them stability, but, on the other hand, allows their communication.

    What does this bring up for me? On the one hand, the grandmother looks disagreeable. I would be afraid to go to her and start to speak. But, on the other hand, if I do go and ask her, it might be possible to talk with her and maybe hear a lot of old tales. But those fairytales can lull you.

    I feel interest in their dialogue.

  14. Grace Kerina says:

    These are two people who have known each other a long time. They have a difficult decision to make and decided to go to the park with a bag of peanuts and try to work things out. In this moment, the woman doesn’t like the turn the conversation is making, but she’s willing to hear her husband out, to listen to his whole thought (rambling though it may be). She’s thinking hard and trying to open her heart.

    In so many situations, I find that it helps to just listen, even if I have emotions roiling inside that make me want to resist. People reveal themselves in loops and waves, so listening with the heart can require patience.

    Having a snack to share as we talk symbolically helps us bridge the percieved gaps between us. I take a peanut from the bag offered by my old friend.

  15. Moritz Egetmeyer says:

    This is a tranquil card for me. Not much commotion. Two elderly people in conversation on a parkbench. A man and a woman. She is holding her arm and she doesn´t seem to have a happy day — her mouth is turned downward. He has his face turned towards her, expressing concern, maybe offering consolation. He holds a newspaper in his hand, so he was ready to spend time by himself, then found her as his neighbor on the bench. They are both dressed for cool wheather, not cold, but cool, wearing a scarf and a hat.

    I know the situation of striking up a conversation with a stranger. I often do it, even if I had thought to read. People always interest me. And now I share a bench with her. Even though I am not sure if I can cheer her up.

    Maybe we should turn the bench around and look into the green, rather than into the grey….

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