OH Cards Quick-Start Guide

We’ve created a free four-page PDF called the OH Cards Quick-Start Guide, to introduce the cards, offer a few activities, and more. You’re welcome to print it, email it, use it with friends you play OH with or clients you use OH to work with. We do ask that you use it in its entirety, so that all of its information is shared as a whole.

This handy guide introduces you to the OH Cards genre, offers a few OH Card activities, and provides links to additional resources. Please feel free to share it with friends, clients, and colleagues, in print or digital format – with all four pages included in full.


  • OH Genre Basics
  • OH Etiquette
  • Activities Using the Original OH Deck
  • Activities Using Any OH Deck
  • An Invitation to Share Your OH Experience
  • OH Websites Contact Information

Download the Quick-Start Guide, here.