OH Cards in Therapy: A Technique to Enhance Therapeutic Efficacy

Connie L. Simons, Psychologist

Rolling Meadows, Illinois

A thesis by Connie L. Simons – “A Clinical Research Project submitted to the faculty of the Illinois School of Professional Psychology/Chicago Northwest Campus in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of the Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology,” Rolling Meadows, Illinois, June 2001

OH Cards in Therapy appear to help individuals tap into deeper resources

Using qualitative research with an emphasis on Jungian theory, with the goal of engendering better efficacy in therapeutic endeavors, this researcher reviewed literature on the unconscious, dreams, and the need for deeper insights into oneself. Literature research regarding measures utilized to tap into this rsource was reviewed.

To demonstrate the importance of understanding and insight, with an emphasis on dream interpretation to access the unconscious, Jungian theory was especially utilized. Depth psychology literature indicates that tapping into the unconscious is beneficial for therapeutic efficacy. A review of the current projective measures that are being utilitzed for obtaining better understanding of an individual was presented.

It was suggested that a new tool, OH cards, would guide one to more effective and faster understanding of individuals, and a pilot study was initiated to demonstrate this. OH cards in therapy appear to help individuals tap into deeper resources. As this was only a preliminary study conducted on individuals in the psychology profession, it has many limitations. The study makes recommendations for further research with a more diverse population.