OH Cards Global Facebook Page

OH Cards Global now has a Facebook page.

This is the official Facebook page of OH Publishing, the international publisher and coordinator of OH Cards and culture worldwide. OH Publishing oversees three OH websites: 1) OH Cards Institute – professional methods and academic descriptions of the use of the OH Cards genre worldwide; http:oh-cards-institute.org; 2) OH Cards North America – info about OH decks, artists, and usage for English speakers, plus ordering information for North America; http://oh-cards-na.com; 3) OH International – worldwide workshops, info, and distributors; http://oh-cards.com.

Here’s the link if you want to visit: www.facebook.com/ohcardsglobal

We’d love to see you there and welcome you to “like” us and/or let us know who you are and how you’re involved with OH Cards by leaving a post on the page.

Thank you!