Card Ecco

Card Comment 4 – From the Card Deck ECCO

From the Card Deck ECCO

Every once in a while, we offer a different card from one of the OH decks and invite you to share your response to the card. In this way, you can try out the cards and connect with each other, using the cards as a spark, as they’re intended. You can share your thoughts in a comment below.

  • When I see this card …
  • these associations come to mind …
  • which bring up for me …
  • and I feel …

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  1. Amara Talan says:

    The card appears to be quite chaotic and asymmetrical however shapes appear including a very large heart. To me this means that even in chaos, there can be great love and love that may well be hidden from the human eye at the time. I have been reminded by great teachers that chaos is not to be feared; perhaps strict order is more soul-threatening than chaos. That which is indefinably shapeless has infinite potential to be other than shapeless or formless.

  2. Andrea says:

    When I first saw it I couldn’t put into words what does it mean, I just felt. Few days after I’ve had a conversation with my therapist she said that we’re still not connected (after a year and a half). She used word “binding”, we’re still not bounded. The main theme of that conversation was my periodically broken connections with everyone and everything (I’m diagnosed with BPD). And the card, which stayed in my memory, got the cognitive menaing: I see a big unbounded book, which is me. Actually a book wich have “good fundament” because most of the pages are very good connected, bounded (the red part), but the upper part is total mess, the pages are all over the place and they even overlap, you can’t even “catch” them. At the end, I believe, it would be one very nice manuscript, but there’s a work to do. The other thing are rainbow colours. I don’t know did I had a dream about my new fluid hairdo in form and in color before I saw this card or after but it reminds me on it. Colours of my hair was all colours and they were moving; the cut of the hair was very sharp but in the same time messy. That new hairdo (form and colour) spread over my face, whole head, also. And I was watching that “new rainbow self” in the mirror. When I think about the mening of it I think it is an image of transformation from black&white world to rainbow world, from life of total oposites (of emotions and thoughts) to a colorfull life where I’m learning how to handle my extremes.

  3. Tracy says:

    Faded,colourless people need recharge with books which red in colours.more positives energy needed

  4. Tatyana says:

    I see a pile of packed shirts of a man. They are packed and prepared to go away. And instead of a person on the background there is another shirt that is standing behind the heap. I have association of splitting, finishing relations. I feel tension, because I have to say the last word to finish the process.

    Я вижу стопку сложенных мужских рубашек. Они сложенны и приготовленны для ухода. Вместо человека на заднем фоне стоит еще одна рубашка. Карта ассоциируется с разрывом отношений. Я чувствую напряжение, потому что я должна сказать последнее слово, чтобы завершить процесс.

  5. Vaevae Nia says:

    When I look at this card I see a person kneeling and their arm is protectively sheilding over something that they value. The protection is caring and soft and not uninviting. The red represents warmth and safety it flows like blood in the veins. The yellow hues in turn reflects warm and trust. Overall signalling trust me come follow me.

  6. Jenny says:

    When I look at this card I have an immediate emotional response of feeling weighed down by emotion that has been layered by intellectual barriers that enforce shutting down, soldiering on, minimising of experience. I also connect to a sense of hope in the possibility of difference in both the gift of awareness and the colour yellow suggesting liberation from old patterns of being.

  7. Denise Gurney says:

    When I look at this card I see a giant eagle with its wings spread looking down over a cliff edge – more like an eagle spirit than a real bird because of its size. It is guarding and protecting the land below. This brings up a number of roles that I have in my life and I feel that I have support and strength to turn to to help me in my work.

  8. Verone says:

    When I see this card, I see a women laying her head on the table looking very tired. there is a child below her with blue head. I associate this with my current condition. It brings up the thought that the inner child of me are trying to tell me that I need rest. I am feeling very exhausted.

  9. Diane says:

    When I see this card, I am transported into the kitchen of a matronly woman. Rugged up against the cold of the room, she is grilling food on a hot stove. I associate this with the selfless warmth and nurturing that comes from a mother. It brings up thoughts of my own mother and her self-sacrifice and genuine generosity. I feel appreciative, warm and comforted by the image just as those destined to eat the meal being prepared in the picture will feel.

  10. Susana Grabiel says:

    When I see this card I follow the movement of the water, refreshing and nourishing the open fields. I rest in the safety of the shore, open and warm.
    These associations come to mind, the river and its many currents feeding each other and irrigating the land they cross; the hearth: red, warm, secure, lovingly embracing…
    Which bring up for me the beauty and force of nature, following its course, fulfilling its destiny and I feel alive! A point inside the design and I feel fluid and connected.

  11. Evgeny Tyrtyshny says:

    When I look at this card, I can see the top of the mountain with the field profiles and underlying slopes. It looks unfinished. The red pillows invoke me for real feelings of anxiety, but the yellow color indicates the possibility of reducing the stress down to the blue one. The contours of different shapes characterize the disorder and chaos, as well as incomplete.

  12. Virginia Rechtschaffen says:

    When I see this card I think of laundry. The ‘top’/back rounded part looks like a shirt collar and the bottom left looks like towels. I remember about 25 years ago a friend that I love gave me a necklace that was partly made of clay and the pieces on the necklace represented a clothesline. At the time I had a young child and was constantly doing laundry and after four years of doing so much laundry, I didn’t want to be reminded of it in jewelry. I returned the piece and bought a pair of earrings that I have treasured. I’m not sure how I responded to my friend as I opened the box in front of him. If it wasn’t well, he forgave me because we’re still very close. But when I saw this picture and the red section looks like towels stacked up, I remembered when I saw ‘red’ with laundry.

  13. Grace Kerina says:

    When I see this card, I get a sense of a river as seen from underneath the surface, with light shining through from above and the mysteries of the darks and blues of depth below. This brings up the sensation of movement for me, as though I am part of this flowing river of life, in contact and in relationship with the world above and below and between. I feel peaceful and easy, like I am right where I need to be, forming and unforming and reforming in a dance.

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