Card Tandoo

Card Comment 6 – From the Card Deck TANDOO

From the Card Deck Tandoo

Every once in a while we offer a different card from one of the OH decks and invite you to share your response to the card. In this way, you can try out the Card Deck Tandoo and feel your own reaction. Also you and other card users can connect with each other, using the cards as a spark, as they’re intended. You can share your thoughts in a comment below.

  • When I see this card …
  • These associations come to mind …
  • Which bring up for me …
  • And I feel …

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  1. Ayten says:

    When I see this card I think about trust, trust in relationships and trust for life. Sometimes you can feel like a blindfolded person crossing a tiny bridge and you can have guidance, but to follow it you need to trust your guide, but if you don’t you may fall. Also, you can be a guide, and lead another person. In those cases – be kind, make that journey as comfortable as possible.

  2. Khor ling ling says:

    When i see this card .. i felt my responsibilities as a wife is going thru life thick and thin , ups and down with my partner , he is blind folded bcos most of the time he did not see my values and sacrifices .. many times we able to walk over trouble water also we had enjoyed our beautiful moment together too.. same as the sky .. clear sky with clouds indicate good and bad times .. Over years we have built a solid foundation together, i need him support me from the back and he constantly need me show him the way

  3. Andrea says:

    When I see this card it reminds me on my repeating problem in relationship: I wanna go in to the “new land”, on the “other side” because on “this land” my partner acts like a “blind man”. He’s not a leader as I expect; I have a feeling that we’re going nowhere.. so I want to end a relationship. He don’t want to, everytime he is the one who stops me. So I stay. But after some period I get an urge to go, again. The picture also reminds me on some scene from the movie when I was small (I don’t know how old I was): I wanted so badly that girl from the movie leaves that guy (“leave him! leave him!”), she was furious… but in one moment her furiousness disappers, she became soft, and huged him. I was dissapointed. I can’t find the meaning, I don’t know what’s behind it, but I would like to know – why that loop? It’s a kind of conflict. I want for her to go, but I also want her to stay. I think it has to do with my mother who wanted to go out of the marriage and family life (I don’t remember my father saying that he wants to leave), they were always fighting, but she stayed, and lived unhappyily ever after. Going back to the card scene: I’m mad. Mad on him. Why does he have that shit on his eyes?! He’ll probably put it off when she’s gone. Her move is a statement: I’m gonna punish you, you’ll suffer the loss, and finally you’ll see. How to end this loop?

  4. Dorothy says:

    I can really relate to this card right now. I want to move forward without him, he has never truly seen me but he does not want to let go. The bridge represents moving to the new and the water represents my psychic/spiritual wisdom that it took to let go and be free. Love is not absent…it is just not enough to sustain the relationship as it is.

  5. Egle says:

    Past is blind and heavy to carry. Blind as no having vitality in our reality. When I look at this card, I feel like being in prison of my past, like a wight of past events and situations do not let me move faster and freely.

  6. Martina Kopp says:

    Mit dieser Karte verbinde ich verliebt sein, rosa Wolken, eine Brücke ohne Geländer, die Brücke ist braun, Erde, Naturverbundenheit Wasser für das Unbekannte, Unbewußte.Sie trägt ein Kleid, rot für Energie und Weiblichkeit. Er hat die Augen verbunden, sie führt ihn. Sie steht für Sinnlichkeit u. Gefühl. Die Ganze Szene symbolisiert für mich, Hingabe, Verantwortung und Vertrauen.

    (Rough translation with Google Translate)
    With this card I associate being in love, pink clouds, a bridge without a railing, the bridge is brown, earth, closeness to nature, water for the unknown, unconscious. She wears a dress, red for energy and femininity. He is blindfolded, she is leading him. It stands for sensuality and feeling. The whole scene symbolizes for me, dedication, responsibility and trust.

  7. Elene Laura says:

    He seems to be grabbing onto her, like almost dragging her behind, which annoys me. and the whole atmosphere around them seems sad. but i like the water and the clarity of the bridge. and possibly the colour of the dress.

  8. Louis Szabo says:

    She’s ready to move on in her life, to cross a bridge meaning to take risks and explore the new, leaving the old and known behing and he’s not willing to let her do that. Could this be a subconscious part of her, with old beliefs about what she can or cannot do ?

  9. Maurice says:

    She’s really excited about something, and he’s trying to catch up to be with her in that moment.. so for me this card is about wanting to share the little things in life together.

  10. Elli says:

    For me this card is about the two subpersonalities, an inner woman and an inner man. She is too emotional,reactive and explosive and he is too weak and passive. She doesn’t give him enough time to make a step. The communication between them should be better to cross successfully the bridge(that can be life or just an important situation or a new project)

  11. slcrossan says:

    Strangely enough, this card perfectly and exactly sums up my current life situation. Perfectly!

  12. Arthib says:

    No communication / No love
    She is confident,dominant, wanting him to hold hands to cross but he does not see the love the will to march together, see is blind of his needs he is bind to her love not knowing to cross the bridge, blindness od self makes him unable to speak out his unintrest so he holds her at het shoulder as a support crossing anyway, his other hand is loose he is not afraid or stressed, he is unaware, not present. No communication, makes me feel sad, there is no togetherness, even if they walk the same pace ( leggs ) the big missing link is holding hands.

  13. Barb says:

    When I see this card …I see two people who are joined together in some way and neither seem particularly happy about their situation.
    these associations come to mind ….They are trying to find a way through. The path is not easy and there are unknown dangers all around.
    which bring up for me … Feelings of being trapped in some way as in there is not much choice. Either go forward with limited choices or go back to …?
    and I feel …. trapped

  14. laxmi says:

    I see a blindfolded man, who is possibly blindly in love with this woman and willing to take risks to be with her, i imagine its windy and noisy yet he trusts to blindly cross a bridge over the water with her. i feel scared as a woman to have such responsibility.

  15. Iris says:

    Als ich diese Karte sah, sehe ich mich selber wie ich einen Freund der unter einer Psychose leidet über die Lebensbrücke führe. Er oder ich selber, hält/halte mich auch von meinem eigenem Lebensweg ab. Es sieht auch stark und sicher aus wie die Frau über die Brücke schreitet.

    [Rough translation by Google Translate]
    When I saw this card, I see myself as I do a friend who suffers from a psychosis suffering from the life bridge. He or I myself, also keeps me from my own way of life. It also looks strong and secure as the woman steps across the bridge.

  16. Tati says:

    Cuando veo esta carta imagino que ella ha tenido el coraje para dejar atrás una relación poco sana, sabe que el camino no es fácil pero debe hacerlo, por su bien, se ha puesto un lindo vestido t debe cruzar un puente para alejarse y dejar atrás su pasado.
    el bo quiere dejarla ir, no porque la ame sino porque el no sabe vivir sin ella.
    ella va con paso decidido.
    el intenta detenerla, de advertirle los peligros que hay en el mundo que ella quiere recorrer.

    [Rough translation by Google Translate]
    When I see this card, I guess she has had the courage to leave behind an unhealthy relationship, know that the road is not easy but must do so, for his sake, it has become a nice dress t must cross a bridge to get away and leave behind his past.
    He does not want to let her go, not because of love but because she can not live without.
    She goes briskly.
    He tries to stop her, to warn the dangers in the world she wants to go.

  17. Елена says:

    Когда я вижу эту карту я чувствую себя как эта женщина, идущая вперед уверенно и целеустремленно. Это о доверии между мужчиной и женщиной. Это о ролях мужских и женских. Мост- как переход через рубеж. Он соединяет два берега. Для меня это трансформация в период прохождения кризиса в отношениях между партнерами.

    С уважением Елена

    [Rough translation by Google Translate]
    When I see this card I feel like this woman walking forward confidently and purposefully. It is about trust between man and woman. It is about the roles of men and women. Bridge- as a transition through the boundary. It connects the two banks. For me it is a transformation in the period of crisis in the relationship between the partners.

    Sincerely, Elena

  18. Linda says:

    This illustration brings up the idea of ‘leading from behind’. The female knows where she is headed emotionally (water) and the male is supporting her and helping her get where she wants to go. As a metaphor, this works to point out the female essence or Will, inside me, and how I can support her in achieving her desires. The bridge is my body, which provides a venue for the Yin and Yang to manifest according to the Mother’s Dream for the Universe…for all learning and evolving to be filled with joy and love. Thanks!

  19. Vicki says:

    I see a woman who is angry and trying to leave. He does not want to let her go. He has done her wrong. The dark clouds show me that this is a stormy time in the relationship. However, the water flowing shows the fluidity of life and that bad things come and go. For me, the bridge is a sign of a change, crossing over to a new beginning.

  20. For me, this is a card truly for our times.

    I see the woman, with sight and foresight and vision, leading the man who is temporarily sightless. He must connect to her by touch; his willingness to reach out is saving grace.

    She leads the way through tumultuous times, turmoil in the elements of air and water and in the interface of air and water — the relationship of intellect and emotion.

    Dressed in red, animated by passion and compassion, she strides forward, forthright.

  21. Tracy says:

    The woman decided to move forward but the guy unsure of what he is heading for as blinded.

  22. Ana Maria Ribeiro says:

    When I saw this card I immediately thought its meaning was trust, and it made me feel good.Normally I do not trust people

  23. Alisa says:

    The first meaning came into my mind while looking at this picture: when our logical mind (man) is blind and don’t know where to go – he lets intuition (woman) to lead them. And she always know where they need to go.

  24. Kanni says:

    The card initially made me feel a little nervous because of the possibility of falling into the water. Sitting longer with the card and focussing on the woman and the man, reduced the feeling. The woman exudes a lot of confidence and seems to know where she is going and the blindfolded person walks behind her with only his hand on her shoulder to guide him across the bridge. She is providing sufficient help and he is also empowered to gauge the pace so that he does not feel completely helpless. Besides this crossing a bridge may also signify moving away from something and moving forward to something better.

  25. Bill Rick says:

    Summary: My Action(s) I Initiate, Within This Moment, That Move Me Forward
    In The Direction of My Future Horizon.
    Detail: My goal(s) are long on direction, while short on specific tactics; whereby I define my specific destination as I develop tactics (distinct objectives) that move me continually forward.
    I Define my destination (Goal).
    I Change my direction towards my intention (crossing into my discomfort zone) so as to address my sequential objective(s), moving forward to my declared destination.
    I Upgrade my mindset so as to adjust to and to support my new direction.
    I Create the necessary determined-courage to develop specific tactics in order to reach each objective that leads towards my destiny (Goal).

  26. Оксана says:

    Женщина идёт на другой берег, она переходит мост, она знает куда идти, она уверена и спокойна. За ней идёт, слепо ей доверяя, мужчина, который любит её. Она является проводником этого мужчины в новый замечательный Мир.

    Rough translation via Google Translate:
    A woman goes to the other side, it passes the bridge, she knows where to go, she is confident and calm. Behind it goes blindly trusting her, a man who loves her. She is the conductor of this wonderful man in the new world.

  27. Оксана says:

    мне немного грустно. я подумала скорее не о карте, а о жизни. много мужчин в жизни не умеют доверять женщинам. гендерное воспитание учит их этому…
    на картинке мужчина доверился женщине, но не абсолютно. уверенности в его позе нет. его свободная рука готова в любой момент искать помощь где-то еще.
    но и женщина идет вперед не оглядываясь на партнера, не страхуя мужчину…она просто уверенно идет. это ее уверенность в мужчине или безразличие к нему?

    Rough translation via Google Translate:
    I am a little sad. I thought no more about the map, and the life. a lot of men in my life do not know how to trust women. gender training teaches them that …
    in the picture a man trusted the woman, but not absolutely. confidence in his position there. his free hand ready at any time to seek help elsewhere.
    but the woman is not looking forward to a partner, not insuring a man … it just goes with confidence. is her confidence in a man or indifference to it?

  28. Jael says:

    The woman is forward thinking, determined to get where she has to go despite the waters underneath. She may not alwys look out for herself as her eyes are fixed firmly forward. The bridge is what they have to cross, that which divides their old and new lives. The man is not so sure about this, but he lays a reassuring, guiding hand on her shoulder in support nevertheless.

  29. Katya says:

    Me (woman) always responible for man. More powerful. I feel not good about it.

  30. Denise Gurney says:

    My immediate response was that the woman looks strong and decisive. She is making her way across the bridge, and the man is following her lead. He is blindfolded, or has sunglasses on, so he might do a bit better if he took them off then he could walk across unaided. – what is it that he doesn’t want to see? She looks like she is going ahead anyway and it feels to me like he is trying to slow her down.

  31. irina says:

    By looking at this card I see the woman who guides the person to crosse a difficult, turbulent, dangerous passage in his/her live. This person is in confidence even if he/she does not especially understand what and how the passage will be.
    This guiding position of the woman let me think that I have already enough qualities and capacities to do the same by practicing my job. That I can take that kind of responsibility and it make me feel confident in myself, it gives me power to believe in what i’m doing.

  32. Margaret says:

    My first response is an uplifting sense from 2 people walking over a bridge. The woman leads the way with the blindfolded man following. This speaks to me of trust in the feminine aspect. The bridge symbolises a crossing over water with water being emotion. It speaks of masculine and feminine energy together in balance the bridge being masculine support taken for granted I.e blindfolded with feminine energy being allowed to flow both consciously leading the way and unconsciously with the water beneath the bridge.

  33. Phoebe Kok says:

    The delighted feeling came to me when i first saw this picture.

    I actually see them as 2 lovers walking on the bridge. The female is leading the male.

    It feels sort of romantic… seems like the lady is preparing a unknown surprise for him.
    And the man seems to trust anf follow her guide(even though the bridge was very narrow & the sea seems very deep) 🙂

    Just to share my feelings. (This is my 1st time interpreting Oh-cards)
    haha ^_^

  34. Lisa Beardow says:

    When I look at this card, I see the end of a relationship, the man will not accept its over, but the women is walking away and over the bridge to a new path and light.

  35. Beatrice L. says:

    When I see this card, I see a woman guiding a blindfolded man to a certain location. I think the man absolutely trust the woman to just put one hand on her when walking. However, I think the woman feels annoyed or tired at the fact that she has to guide this man. It’s like a “fine, I will guide you there” feel. I also felt annoyed for some reason.

  36. martin H says:

    My immediate feeling is one of horror and suspicion. Does he have a knife at her throat? Will he kill her in the middle of the bridge and push her off? And it is a man in charge of what looks like a captive women which is demeaning. Or is it a depiction of passivity- e.g. the male has control. Very disturbing image for me.

  37. Eric Brunet says:

    Je vois un homme qui offre sa confiance et une femme qui guide plus par devoir que par compassion ou amour.D’abord j’ai ressenti de la joie puis lorsque j’ai conscientisé ces associations j’ai ressenti de la tristesse car il manque, pour moi, de ressentir un lien

    [Rough translation via Google Translate:]
    I see a man who gives his confidence a woman guide and more by duty than compassion or love. At first I felt great when I then raises awareness of these associations I felt sad because it lacks for me to feel a connection

  38. Lilli Westermann says:

    I see a strong person, a person who help others. I see a woman who shows a man which way is the safest to go.
    I see a complicated situatiuon between 2 persons … A lot of feelings is envolved, but they will find a way to contineu their realtionsship –
    I see the sky with dark clouds .. The clouds are in dissolution and things will be better. A bridge to pass the trouble is a tool

  39. Grace Kerina says:

    When I see this card … I feel uneasy. The associations that come to mind, before I allow myself to edit them, are uncomfortable: I keep thinking the woman is the one with the blindfold on, which confuses me. What am I afraid of? This brings up feelings of being led down a dangerous path while I decide not to look around and see for myself where I am. I feel like there are relationship trust issues it would be good for me to take a clear look at.

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