A Short Video from an OH Cards Workshop

Ewa Noga Workshop Participant

Lublin, Poland

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A short video (less than two minutes) was created from a workshop in Poland facilitated by Moritz Egetmeyer, the OH Cards publisher.

Click here to watch the video online.

Ewa Noga, who chairs the organization that hosted the workshop (KLANZA), wrote about her experience as a workshop participant:

POZNAŃ 2014 with Moritz Egetmeyer was a unique workshop. Among the participants were fifty trainers, pedagogues, and members of KLANZA, the Polish Association of Teachers and Animators* (KLANZA is also a distributor of associative cards in Poland).

The workshop combined pedagogy and fun, which were linked using the imagery of OH Cards, as experienced in various ways during the workshop.

This was a meeting full of positive energy and new inspirations. We had a great time.

The word “Animators” in the English version of KLANZA’s name refers to the organization’s focus on encouraging and stimulating learning.

KLANZA’s Mission

  • We are a non-governmental organization, gathering active people, who are looking for new solutions changing the educational reality.
  • We introduce a style of teaching, education and socio-cultural animation releasing activity to its members in an atmosphere of cooperation and respect for subjectivity.
  • We do believe that everyone has creative potential and can develop oneself.

For more information about KLANZA, visit their website (portions of which are available in English and other languages besides Polish) at www.klanza.org.pl.