Connie L Simons

OH for Dream Interpretation and More

Connie L. Simons

Riverwoods, Illinois, USA


I discovered OH Cards at a dream group I participated in. We shared our dreams and then picked out the poignant moments or scenes of the dream. We wrote each of those down then drew a set of OH Cards for each symbol. This assisted in understanding the hidden meanings of our dreams and allowed us to go deeper into our interpretations. It’s easy to stay on the surface level of a dream; OH Cards help us go to places that are unknown to us, or even places where we don’t want to go.

As a psychologist, I use OH Cards to help clients reach the unknown avenues of their psyches. I use them in dream interpretation, as in the group process, but I also use them when working with waking dreams, to gain further access to feelings, to help to reveal symbolism, and to clarify daily or current events for a client. Whenever we want to get deeper into the psyche or unconscious, we turn to OH Cards.

OH Cards never fail to bring more understanding to me or my clients. They really have not failed us. I have had many impressive experiences with the cards. One that was somewhat amusing happened when I was doing my internship at a high school. I met with a young man who had punched a teacher. “Why don’t we see why you’re angry,” I said. He protested, saying he wasn’t angry in the least. “Okay,” I said, “Let’s just throw a card down for your feelings.” He agreed, and when he turned over the OH Original word card he’d chosen, we saw it was the word “ANGER.” We were both able to laugh, and then we moved on to address his feelings.

My favorite method of using OH Cards is the one that was used with the dream group. We pick out scenarios, either from a dream or a current event, and write them up. Then we spread out the word and image cards face down, draw two word cards and two picture cards, and keep them face down. We then turn the cards over one by one and address each card individually. When all the cards we chose have been turned over and talked about, we then address the layout as a whole.

Connie L. Simons, Psy. D. is a psychologist in private practice in a suburb on the north side of Chicago. She started using OH Cards while participating in an insight group interpreting dreams, symbolism, movies, literature, and current events.  Participated in that group while going to school resulted in her using OH Cards as the basis of her doctoral thesis. Dr. Simons uses OH Cards with her clients and has presented the use of OH Cards to small groups interested in self-development.

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