Accessing Intuitive Wisdom with OH Cards

Sophia Bonnie Wodin Psychotherapist

London, Ontario, Canada

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I was introduced to OH Cards by a psychotherapist friend who is part of my spiritual community. I am a psychotherapist, teacher, and spiritual mentor in private practice. I also facilitate writer’s circles. I use OH cards throughout my practice as well as for inspiration as writing prompts.

I may use OH Cards by asking a client or a group a question and having them choose a word/picture set from the original OH Cards deck as a starting point for unpacking their thoughts about it. Frequently, by doing this, they begin to understand themselves in a different way than they had previously. This is a useful and quick way to help with understanding our lives or our situations through a new lens.

I nearly always invite people to choose their cards “blind” (without seeing the face of the card before they choose) and to choose three word/picture combinations of cards to use to tell a story. Sometimes, I have them tell the story the way the cards came up as they were randomly chosen. Then again, I may ask them to scramble and rearrange the cards they chose to see how else the same word and image cards can tell a totally different story. This is a very powerful exercise for showing us our ability to change our point of view.

OH cards are extremely evocative. They invariably offer access to an individual’s or a group’s intuitive wisdom. Because of the variety and diversity of word/picture combinations, imagination expands beyond our expectations and we go deeper than we might on our own.