Creative Supervision

Creative Supervision – A book by Mooli Lahad

Creative Supervision: The Use of Expressive Arts Methods in Supervision and Self-supervision, by Mooli Lahad. Jessica Kingsley Publishers: London and Philadelphia, 2000.

An excerpt of this book’s section about OH Cards is available in PDF format (download the PDF).

In a review of Lahad’s book by Karen O’Neill, she writes, “The book has been written for supervisors although it should not be perceived as exclusive to this group of readers, as Lahad introduces and describes different techniques which can be used by other professionals also. This book has twelve chapters in total which are based on humanistic, creative and practial approaches, the aim being to offer fresh and new perspectives to inspire supervisors to rethink their practice when offering both individual and group supervision.” (Read or download a PDF of O’Neill’s review.)

In another review, Kate T. Donohue writes that “Lahad expands the definition of supervision by emphasizing the importance of using the arts, multi-arts images and the creative process in the supervisory relationship. He defines Creative Supervision as ‘using the right hemisphere and the analogical dreamlike mechanisms in the service of understanding the process of therapy, intervention and support. (P.13)'” (Read Donohue’s review online.)

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