Strawberries Beyond My Window

A book by Waltraud Kirschke

Strawberries Beyond My Window: Games of Association for Opening the Door to Creativity and Communication, by Waltraud Kirschke. Moritz Egetmeyer – Eos Interactive Cards: Victoria, Canada, 1998.

Information about this book is available on the OH Cards website. The following aspects and articles are included:

  • Synchronicity – Cards drawn sight unseen can actually seem to reflect the life situation of the player who drew them, with an unexpected accuracy.
  • ECCO Helps Children Through Trauma – An educational trainer in Israel discovers that ECCO cards are key in helping children who’ve been traumatized by terrorist activities.
  • A Grammar Lesson with OH Cards – A 6th grade grammar teacher uses SAGA and original OH for a grammar lesson.
  • MORENÁ with Six-Year-Olds – A teacher uses the MORENÁ cards to spark six-year-olds to discuss jungle life.
  • PERSONA for Reconciliation – How three psychologist experts used PERSONA cards to facilitate reconciliation.
  • OH Card Experiences – Edward Chan, from Hong Kong, shares OH card experiences
  • OH Story | Dawn Brown – Different meaningful interpretations of the original OH deck’s clown card.
  • OH Assists at a Family Gathering – A dreaded family gathering turns out to be a powerful positive experience.
  • Breaking the Boundary of We Japanese – How OH cards help break the boundary between “We” and “You.”
  • Cards of Association for Life-Mapping – Map the journey to a goal using six cards in a six-part storytelling structure.
  • Cards of Association for Creative Writing – Using OH cards for losening creativity and for general problem-solving.
  • Child Therapy and Mental Health – The use of various OH genre cards in therapy practice with children.
  • OH Story | Ralf Linde – Why a trainer for Audi (the car manufacurer) uses OH cards.
  • OH Story | Marco Holmer – How SAGA was used in a storytelling process with children.
  • OH Story | Ely Raman – A father uses OH Cards to gain insight into his relationship with his sons.