Creative Therapies

Kim Atkinson and Catherine Wells

A Psychodynamic Approach within Occupational Therapy, by Kim Atkinson and Catherine Wells. Stanley Thornes (Publishers) Ltd: Cheltenham, UK, 2000.

An excerpt of this book’s section about OH Cards is available in PDF format (download the PDF).

Nelson Thornes’ description of the book: “The authors provide a comprehensive overview of the use of creative therapies with a focus on the role of the practice within occupational therapy but also with a wider awareness of its role within the more general context of the health care profession.

The three-part structure allows the book to develop from the necessary theoretical discussions, moving on to the practical experience of using the media, and concluding with discussions of some of the professional issues surrounding the use of creative therapies. Throughout the book there is a strong link between the theory behind creative therapies and the practice within a range of different client groups, illustrated through the use of case studies.”