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Card Comment 2 – From the Card Deck COPE

From the COPE Cards Deck

Every once in a while, we offer a different card from one of the OH decks and invite you to share your response to the card. In this way, you can try out the COPE Cards Deck and connect with each other, using the cards as a spark, as they’re intended. You can share your thoughts in a comment below.

  • When I see this card …
  • these associations come to mind …
  • which bring up for me …
  • and I feel …

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  1. Ирина says:

    Человек пытается вылезти из старой скорлупы, она для него мала и стара. Ему остаётся буквально 1 шаг, он изо всех сил держит её чтобы слелать этот шаг. Но в тоже время и держится за неё. В новом мире все очень красиво, но ему надо сильно постараться для этого шага

    [Rough translation by Google Translate]
    A man tries to crawl out of an old shell, it is small and old for him. He has literally 1 step left, he holds her with all his might to make this step. But at the same time he holds on to her. Everything is very beautiful in the new world, but he needs to try hard for this step.

  2. Oia says:

    I see a man getting out of the egg. He’s still unsure, but strong enough. There are still some dark clouds in the sky, but golden hues are everwhere. He can feel the sun warming up his back. He’ll be alright.

  3. slcrossan says:

    This Card makes me feel very sad. Despair, rejection, failure, shame. I want to cry.

  4. Grace Kerina says:

    The man with great power and strength, has made a decision to “reset” or “restart” his life by going back to where he started. It is a great feeling that we can, from time to time, allow us this “break” of starting over.

  5. Tracy says:

    The real outside world is just too complicated and he wish to walk back into the egg

  6. Eirini says:

    Όταν κοιτώ αυτή την κάρτα, βλέπω έναν άνθρωπο που θέλει να επιστρέψει στην κοιλιά της μάνας του. Λίγο ο φόβος, λίγο οι αποτυχίες, τον αποκαρδιώνουν και ζητά απεγνωσμένα ασφάλεια. Θεωρώ όμως το σκεπτικό αυτό κάπως αρρωστημένο, διότι ο χρόνος κυλά μπροστά και δεν είναι λειτουργικό να μένουμε κολλημένοι σε καταστάσεις που μας καθηλώνουν και δεν μας βοηθούν να εξελιχθούμε. Αυτό μου θυμίζει την επιλογή του αδελφού μου να σηκώσει ψηλά τα χέρια και να μείνει κλεισμένος στο “αυγό” του για να έχει τους γονείς μας από πάνω του. Επέλεξε να μην αγωνισθεί να κατακτήσει τη ζωή, αλλά να φωνάζει και να κατηγορεί τους γονείς μας για το κακό που του έκαναν.
    Σωματικά, αυτή η κάρτα μου σφίγγει το στομάχι

    (a rough translation) When I look at this card , I see a man who wants to return to his mother’s womb. Some fear , Some failures, discouraged him and desperate calls for a secure place. But I think this way of thinking is somewhat sick, because time flies forward and it is not practical to stay stuck in situations that astonish us and do not help us evolve. This reminds me of my brother’s choice to raise up his hands and stay locked up in his ” egg ” in order to have our parents look after him. He has chosen not to compete to conquer life, but shouting and blaming our parents for the evil he did.
    Physically , this card shakes my stomach.

  7. Tatyana says:

    When I see this card I feel tension and attempt to hide inside the place where it was safe. The association coming back to the place of birth comes into my mind. I feel necessity of safety.

    Когда я вижу эту карту, я чувствую напряжение и попытку спрятяться в безопасном месте. Это ассоциируется у меня с возвращением к истокам жизни. Я чувствую необходимость в безопасности.

  8. Liz says:

    I see a man attempt to step into a broken egg in order to hide himself, the egg means to me is ones’ inside world, people go into their inside world to seek themselves through various kinds of actvities , sleeping, dreaming, thinking, drawing, and to me, the man need to put effort so that he can go within. It inspired me I need to put effort to explore my inner world

  9. Marcia says:

    I see a man in a lot of pain, wanting to return to a place that he thinks is his comfort zone but it is not. He has outgrown this place and he knows it but growth is painful and he wants to return to the “womb”. Going back to this place can no longer sustain him as it once did. It is a slow spiritual death to go back.

    Never go back. Learn the lessons from the past and keep moving forward.

  10. Оксана says:

    Когда я вижу эту карту я вижу рождение человека, который сбрасывает с себя старую скорлупу своих стереотипов и убеждений. Он свободен, нет больше никаких ограничений!!! Я чувствую, что все проблемы и период застоя в прошлом. Мне радостно!

    [Rough translation by Google Translate:]
    When I see this card, I see the birth of a man who casts off the old shell of stereotypes and beliefs. He is free, there are no longer any restrictions! I feel that all the problems and stagnation are in the past. I am happy!

  11. Elvira says:

    Когда я вижу эту карту, у меня возникает желание спрятаться от действительности, укрыться и переждать, вернуться в безопасный период (детство).

    [Rough translation by Google Translate:]
    When I see this card, I have a desire to hide from reality, to hide and wait, to return to the safe period.

  12. Lynne says:

    When I see this card I think about going back inside myself and learning who I REALLY am.

    these associations come to mind … starting over
    which bring up for me … an opportunity
    and I feel hopeful.

  13. Лена Моисеева says:

    Когда я вижу эту карту, у меня возникает чувство страха и надежды одновременно. Она для меня о том, что как будто взрослый человек так устал от ответственности, жизни в целом, что единственное, чего ему хочется – это спрятаться в яичную скорлупу, очутиться в безопасности. Возможно это как возврат в детство, где не нужно принимать никаких решений. И это так про меня сейчас

    [Rough translation by Google Translate:]
    When I see this card, I have a sense of fear and hope at the same time. It is for me that as an adult so tired of responsibility, life in general, that the only thing he wants – is to hide in an egg shell, found himself in safety. Perhaps this is a return to childhood, where no need to make any decisions. And it’s about me now.

  14. IVANČICA PEŠUT says:

    When I see this card I think of nice colours in it, but not enough intense (colours), which bring for me usless eforts and I feel empty and powerless to change the situation.

  15. violet says:

    when i see these card, i think of starting. the man seems to be be going back to the egg which i think is the start. in total, i think it is trying to interpret maybe back to the starting line and a lot of things might be possible in the future.

  16. yan yu says:

    when I see this card, I felt that I went into a trap. I have try so hard to break through the wall, but now I’m returning back to my old self. Why I choose to go back to the place I wish to escape?

  17. Rutger Tamminga says:

    This card shows a man who knew that he was to find someone in this world, but didn’t meet. Desperately he searches in all possible places for his love, not realizing how silly he is.

  18. Bogdan Manciu says:

    After I’ve came down from the mountain the world was so lound and noisy, I took a deep breath and ran back to what I know and trust: the smooth hard surface of my inner shell.

  19. Márcia Marques says:

    Para saímos de nossa “casca” necessariamente precisamos quebrá-la. O que encontramos fora dela nem sempre é o que esperávamos, porém uma vez no mundo não há a possibilidade de entrar novamente nela.
    Temos que nos fortalecer e vence o “dragão” que encontrarmos fora!

    [Rough translation provided by Google Translate:]
    To go out of our “shell,” we necessarily need to break it. What we find out is it’s not always what we expected, but once out in the world, there is the possibility of reentering it.
    We must strengthen and beat the “dragons” we find!

  20. Grace Kerina says:

    When I see this card, I think of hiding out, escaping from some of the challenges going on in my life right now, going to a place that’s safe while I wait out the things I have no control over.

    This brings up a remembering and a knowing that there are such places and situations in my life where I can find the solace and comfort that’s so necessary when going through things that aren’t easy.

    I feel relief. Even though I imagine myself going into this egg of comfort rather than coming out of it, I know my time inside will be temporary and will restore me. I feel grateful to have found this egg, perched here on its little hill. I’ll get inside and close the halves and curl up for a while and rest in the pearly light that comes through the shell.

    And emerge rested and ready to face my challenges with new strength.

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