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Card Comment 5 – From the Card Deck 1001

From the Card Deck 1001

Every once in a while, we offer a different card from one of the OH decks and invite you to share your response to the card. In this way, you can try out the cards and connect with each other, using the cards as a spark, as they’re intended. You can share your thoughts in a comment below.

  • When I see this card …
  • these associations come to mind …
  • which bring up for me …
  • and I feel …

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  1. Ayten says:

    When I see this card I feel that the solution to the situation is being resolved very soon and that it will come out of the blue, just like the bird, as a help from above.

  2. Khor ling ling says:

    When i see this card .. i felt an unexpected important messenger from afar , very soon will bring me a KEY to my solutions/ helps i needed .

  3. Yelena Levina says:

    My thoughts: You are very close to the answer and you’ll get it. Knowledge, news, something important will reveal to you soon, its basically on its way, flying towards you

  4. Barb says:

    When I see this card … I see it as a sign of hope that will arrive in an unexpected form these associations come to mind ….
    There is a way out, the way may not yet be clear though. But it will arrive.

    Which bring up for me … Hope and the idea of better times to come and I feel … Hopeful

  5. Marika says:

    вернувшись в прошлое, мы найдем ключ к пониманию себя настоящих

    [Rough translation by Google Translate:]
    Back in the past, we will find the key to understanding ourselves

  6. Tracy says:

    Wish to have the freedom like the bird.and also freedom seems like key to everything

  7. Alisa says:

    When you tried everything and still there is no success. Keep trying. You will receive it! Even if the “key” will come right from the sky.

  8. Alex says:

    Cuando veo esta tarjeta la relaciono con el hecho de que muchas veces en nuestra vida, la ayuda que necesitamos puede venir de lugares, circunstancias, eventos o personas (o por qué no, cuervos!) que nunca relacionaríamos con esa ayuda. Esto me lleva a estar pendiente de esas respuestas y a aprender a sincronizar mi vida con la armonía del todo que nos hace uno. Siento que siempre hay esperanza y que siempre habrá una respuesta para todas las necesidades que proyectemos a través de preguntas, sueños, temores o inquietudes.

    [Rough translation via Google Translate:]
    When I see this card I relate to the fact that many times in our lives, the help you need can come from places, circumstances, events or people (or why not crows!) I never would relate to that help. This leads me to be aware of these responses and learn to synchronize my life with the harmony of all that makes us one. I feel that there is always hope and always have an answer for every need we project through questions, dreams, fears or concerns.

  9. Gabriele says:

    When I see this card it gives me a happy feeling. I am very connected to birds I know this is a crow. I have a few crows around me, they are cheeky and sometimes finish my cats food.
    But in this card the bird is actually giving me the key to new possibilities, new adventures.
    When I look at the picture again, it is not a crow but another bird and it is happy and eager to give me that key.

  10. Klivija says:

    skatoties uz šo putnu rodas ticība, ka atslēga tiks nogādāta cilvēkam, kuram ir nepieciešama steidama palīdzība. Putns ir mērķtiecīgs, apņēmības pilns uzspēt laikā nodot vajadzīgo atslēgu.

    [Rough translation using Google Translate:]
    watching the birds from the belief that the key will be delivered to a person who is required steidama help. The bird is a purposeful, committed Still we barely time to pass the desired key.

  11. Lisa Reiter says:

    It makes me think of the real-life event that happened in my garden simultaneously with accessing this image – a sparrow-hawk just swooped in and grabbed a little bird feeding out of my hen’s food. The synchronicity is rather startling!

    I’ll assume these cards to therefore be the treasure I’m seeking and go buy!!

    (Still shaking..)


  12. Miryam says:

    I see a bird coming to me swiftly with a key that will unlock some mystery, some treasure, bring freedom, bring hope. The bird appears eager, and I feel a sense of excitement and anticipation. I normally associate crows with negative and as thieves of precious things, and initially I thought the bird was stealing something from me; however, as I continued to look aim realised that what I thought was taking from me was actually bringing a gift. The talons are extended as if about to land. The key is coming very soon.

  13. Наташа says:

    Картинка очень отозвалась мне.Когда я увидела эту карту, то я подумала, что истина где-то посередине. Как ворон по паверию – птица двух миров, так и ключ в его клюве символизирует для меня серединную правду:мою, иную и объективную вне субъективных иллюзий. Чувство напряженного ожидания момента откровения.

    [A rough translation] The picture is very responded to me. When I saw this card, I thought that the truth is somewhere in the middle. As a raven on Paver – bird of two worlds, and the key in his beak symbolizes for me a middle truth: my, and other objective is subjective illusions. Sense of suspense moment of revelation.

  14. Elves says:

    Whenever you need someone will give you a key.

  15. Gracetan says:

    Someone who is always giving us bad reflection is actually the one who will help us grow stronger .

  16. carolina says:

    Its a bad person taking something from you. It scare me.

  17. Denise Gurney says:

    I see a person behind looking rather startled as the crow (a bird i like) flies down and picks up the key to something valuable and to fly away with it. I also see that the bird is flying down and bringing the key for the person and that feels a lot more pleasant to think about. The crow is a wise bird, very family minded and they nest in a tree near my garden. They are very smart birds and I take it there is a message in the crow for me. I will meditate on it…….I am watching one from my window and can hear them cawing to each other.

  18. tatiana says:

    на этой карте я вижу близкое решение своих вопросов. что то или кто то поможет мне увидеть или укажет мне верный путь

    [Rough translation by Google Translate:]
    On this card, I see a close solution to their problems. Something or someone can help me to see or show me the right way.

  19. Jael says:

    I take this card quite literally – someone who is leaving home ‘flying the nest’ with their opportunities held firmly between their teeth.

  20. Dee says:

    I see freedom! “Get me out of here!” Fleeing a bad situation, but with hope. Stealing the key to be safe. Very positive card.

  21. Diane says:

    When I see this card, I see opportunity and focused determination.
    These associations come to mind: swiftness, a path unhindered by either external obstacles or self-created resistance. A journey that takes little effort as the bird is allowing the wind to take it where it will – the bird is not flapping it’s wings against the direction of the flow, but soaring along the path that nature created for it. The bird’s talons, ready to grasp the treasure it fully expects to receive at the end of it’s journey – a treasure made even more certain by the key that is held.
    These associations bring up for me the importance of focus – look at the bird’s eye – knowingness, determination and trust – going with the flow rather than resisting or controlling – in achieving goals of any kind and I feel excited and rejuvenated by reminder.

  22. Tatyana says:

    When I see this card, I think about destiny, it keeps the key in its mouth. I am waiting.

    Когда я смотрю на карту, я вижу судьбу, которая держит ключ при себе. Я ожидаю.

  23. Cil Orr says:

    The talons are powerful. They can be used to capture food or sustenance, but in this case the bird is the carrier of a key to unlock a mystery, a door, a portal. While the talons scare me a bit, the bird is so beautiful, and the eyes seem enlightened. They give me hope as does the key.

  24. Nur Kussan says:

    When i see this card, I think the bird is smiling while he is going to bring the key to someone who needs it.

  25. Kainee Foo says:

    When I see this card, I think this bird is flying over ocean to help someone it knows in an emergency situation.

  26. Eirini says:

    When I see this card, I think of a story with a bird that helped a captured girl to escape. The bird grab the key of the cage when the guard felt asleep.
    these associations come to my mind because of the key. Its colour, its size, its type makes me think that it may open a vwry big, heavy and old wood or iron door. As for the bird, I choose to give it a positive attitude.
    All these bring up to me, my will to always have a positive thinking.
    I have about this card mixed feelings. The black bird has a negative symbolism, but the golden key is something dear, that associates to a mythical and a huge door or trunk.

  27. Colleen says:

    When I see this card I think of the delivery of a gift associated with something unexpected. The black bird represents unknowable sources. It brings up for me the idea that there is nothing to fear from any particular source of learning. I feel grateful for surprises and for unfolding of knowledge. I feel excited by the adventure that is life.

  28. Eric Brunet says:

    When I see this card I think a symbol of wizard.Crow comes from the world of shadows and brings the key.This key open the knowledge of the unconscious, intuition and the dark side. And discover this it brings lights, and respect of shadows.I feel enjoy because this bird is a messenger which allows to grow, and with the key we choice to open or not …

  29. Jennifer Zhang says:

    when i see this card, i feel joy and release. it seems i have found a solution to my future career development which have confused me for long~

  30. MUCUNDA says:


  31. Grace Kerina says:

    When I see this card, I think of searching and finding and the eagerness of searching for something I really, really want, which is what the bird’s red eye is about. The red eye and the claws are about hunting and seeking, but all the while the key to what is being sought is already here. I feel comforted and encouraged to think that while I may hungrily seek something I really want, I already have the solution within me, near at hand.

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