Take a Game to Your Subconscious

María Campos

María Campos’ article “Échale una partida a tu inconsciente” (“Take a game to your subconscious”) was published in the Spanish-language magazine Psicología Práctica (Practical Psychology), No. 136, August 2010. A translation of the Spanish article into English is below.

The entire original Spanish article is available to read or download in PDF format (download the PDF). Todo el artículo original en español está disponible para leer o descargar en formato PDF (descargar el PDF). To download PDF files, you need a program like Adobe Reader. It’s free. You can get it here.

The article appears in a section of the magazine called “Los hemo probado” meaning “We tested it.” It presents the opinion of an expert, in this case Andrés Alvarez.

Take a Game to Your Subconscious

Expert: Andrés Alvarez is a coach, Master in Human Resource Management, expert in NLP, Transpersonal Psychology and public speaking. After verifying the effectiveness of the OH cards with his clients, he now uses them in his workshops. www.cartasoh.com

When was the last time you felt blocked or confused without knowing why? OH cards can be a wonderful ally for your happiness and personal growth, by awakening in your subconscious information you need right now.

We all go through times when we feel blocked, confused, hesitant about life or ourselves. We want to live happily, advancing in our personal growth, but certain disquieting feelings make us wonder: Which way do I go?, How do I continue today?, What do these feelings mean? A few years ago, people sought the advice of a priest or spiritual confessor, of a fortuneteller using tarot cards, or even of a wise old man or teacher.

Don’t look for fortunetellers – the answer is in you

Now we know that almost all the answers to our questions are inside ourselves. We only need the right tool to access the innate wisdom that dwells within us. A tool that puts us in the here and now so we can understand our problems and what’s happening both inside and outside ourselves.

OH cards precisely meet this objective: through play, the words and drawings penetrate our subconscious and trigger the teachings we need for improving our lives. They make us aware of what we need in our particular situation in the moment.

Far from resembling tarot cards, as one might think of them at first sight, OH cards are a guide for the process, because though the person using them (a coach, psychologist or any person trained in the technique) guides the process, the “client” is the one who interprets the messages from his own subconscious and charts the way forward.

Using OH cards increases intuition, imagination and insight. They are a gateway to the subconscious that allows us to understand our feelings in a positive way.

Deciphering what you feel

Emotions are like a ringing phone. They let us know that there’s an incoming message, information waiting to be received. Often, the problem is that when the phone rings, it triggers in us a mechanism that blocks the message. We respond to the “ring” by turning on the TV, going shopping or having a beer.

We escape, we numb ourselves, we avoid what we believe to be a threat, what hurts or scares us … But we should remember that this discomfort or confusion can help us onto a path of personal growth, self-knowledge, change and improvement. Dare to decipher your feelings and what you want, to pursue what would make you happy. Or to help others to do so.

To help others

Do you want an easy technique for reflecting the “here and now” of a person? The OH cards are accessible, and adaptable to different types of therapy, because their main achievement is the ability to facilitate the understanding of the self.

They are already being used successfully by professionals and people who want to be actively involved in their own self-development and personal growth. OH cards promote expansion of consciousness by combining the literal and the imaginary, by mixing fun with mental exercise.

They can be applied in the treatment of any difficulties in therapy with adults or children in several ways: telling stories, projecting images, stimulating communication with oneself …

How OH cards work

  • They place you in the present and help you understand what’s happening to you.
  • They bring information from your unconscious to help you better interpret your feelings and use them to your advantage.
  • They build conscious discourse.
  • They integrate the emotional with the rational.
  • They liberate your imagination.