Estelle Métrot speaks about OH Cards

Estelle Métrot Psychtherapist

Paris, France

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Video Interview with Estelle Métrot

In this interview, Psychologist Estelle Métrot speaks about OH Cards. She explains some reasons for their worldwide and enduring success. Estelle Métrot speaks about OH Cards – the cards have very many benefits. For instance, on the lighter side, the simple pleasures of playing. Another benefit is the easy use of the OH Cards as a tool of self exploration. Also getting to know others, developing skills and stimulating creativity and cooperation …

The spoken language on the video is French (no English subtitles).

Associative OH Cards with Estelle Métrot (translation) / Les cartes associatives et cartes OH avec Estelle Phelippeau Métrot, was published on YouTube by ed. souffledor on 12.11.2018.

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