This article describes a modified form of the IPPI interview for children based on the use of pictorial representations, i.e., the Metaphoric and Associative Cards, “OH-Cards”. A clinical vignette illustrates the different steps of this intervention such as those provided to sibling 6-year-old twins in the context of a post-immediate CUMP intervention after a drowning.
Results. – Adding the pictorial cards to IPPI interview techniques facilitated the children’s verbaliza- tion, the narrative reports of the traumatic experience with the professional, and globally enhanced the symbolization process.
Discussion. – This developmental-sensitive adaptation of the commonly used debriefing approach illus- trates the positive synergy between the professional cultures of the clinicians from the CUMP and the child psychiatrists.
Conclusion. – Children-specific adaptations of the IPPI based on symbolic mediators, such as pictorial cards, should be considered as a reference tool at this age in the training of CUMP professionals.

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