This article describes a modified form of the IPPI interview for children based on the use of pictorial representations, i.e., the Metaphoric and Associative Cards, “OH-Cards”. A clinical vignette illustrates the different steps of this intervention such as those provided to sibling 6-year-old twins in the context of a post-immediate CUMP intervention after a drowning.
Results. – Adding the pictorial cards to IPPI interview techniques facilitated the children’s verbaliza- tion, the narrative reports of the traumatic experience with the professional, and globally enhanced the symbolization process.
Discussion. – This developmental-sensitive adaptation of the commonly used debriefing approach illus- trates the positive synergy between the professional cultures of the clinicians from the CUMP and the child psychiatrists.
Conclusion. – Children-specific adaptations of the IPPI based on symbolic mediators, such as pictorial cards, should be considered as a reference tool at this age in the training of CUMP professionals.

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Story from Marianne Nørregaard When I first met the OH cards, it was at a workshop many years ago where the teacher had a set of Habitat Cards. I was in love with the Habitat Cards immediately, and after the workshop I went to find out where these cards had come from. Today I use […]

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Rosemarie Somaiah of the Asian Storytelling Network shares experiences of using OH Cards in her work as a professional storyteller, author, and educator. “I was first introduced to OH Cards by Kiran Shah and Sheila Wee, who used them in storytelling workshops. Kiran promoted the use of OH cards here in Singapore, where I met Moritz Egetmeyer, the OH Cards publisher, when he facilitated the workshops. However, it was only when I began to …”

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